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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Brisa ₱ 1,300,000 Floor Area: 42 sqm / Lot Area: 60 sqm
Camira ₱ 1,100,000 Floor Area: 26 sqm / Lot Area: 60 sqm
Sabiya ₱ 1,500,000 Floor Area: 36 sqm / Lot Area: 80 sqm

Why Invest in St. Joseph Windfield

Wide Portfolio
St. Joseph Windfield offers a wide range of housing units. This coupled with endless and flexible financing schemes give aspiring homeowners a wide range of choices to choose from without necessarily having to face the barrier of financing their investment.

Social Community
Many Filipinos tend to look for housing communities with large houses, big lots and ample parking spaces where they can relax. This makes St. Joseph Windfield a good choice for suburban living as it ticks all these boxes. In addition to spacious units, it comes with other benefits like being a part of a supportive community, which you wouldn’t generally find in other projects. Additionally, there are spaces where families can relax while kids and their playmates enjoy.

Great Location
St. Joseph Windfield is located at the city of Cabuyao which is one of the largest commercial centers in the Philippines. Irrespective of whether you are using private and public means, you can reach the surrounding metropolitan areas and municipalities in a seamless manner. For the business people, the industrial capability of the area is unquestionable as there are many industries.

World Class Amenities
Designed by international architectural heavyweights, the property offers a chic atmosphere, out of this world views, cool interiors, and superior finishing. You will experience snuggle of comfort at St. Joseph Windfield as it has a clubhouse where you get to forget all the pressures that come with working.

Serene Environment
Although areas outside of cities are deemed to have clean environment, the project has brought serene environment right in the heart of the development. There are green spaces coupled with a twist of energy efficient elements incorporated within the units makes the overall project provide serene environment.

Trusted Developer
P.A. Properties has a track record of building affordable high-quality houses in the country. Their 23 years in the industry has produced solid performance subdivision development. This backed by highly skilled sales team and buyer-friendly corporate staff makes them one of the best.

Their projects are products of carefully crafted master plan fashioned by veteran Engineers and Architects. The features and amenities for the project are tailored-made to fit the aspirations of the homeowners. The units are in simple but with functional designs that match the taste and preferences of the new home buyers. They are also durable and guaranteed by the developer. Likewise, the developer gives affordable financing schemes that go well with the payment ability of the buyers.

Flexible Payment Systems
First time home buyers end up getting discouraged when it comes to raising finance for their mortgages. With some lending institutions charging as high as 11.5%, the threat of foreclosure is more real than ever.

According to a recent research in 2017, more than 6 percent of all foreclosed properties in the Philippines involved Quezon City, Las Piñas, Parañaque, Benguet, San Jose del Monte, and Laguna.

To mitigate losing your investment, the developer has come up with a number of financing models.


Cash spot

You are allowed to pay for your unit in cash. Using this method makes perfect sense if you don’t want to be stuck in the hassles of the process involved in buying a house. Additionally, you are portrayed as an attractive buyer Moreover; this compels the developer to avail you cash discounts without a second thought. And if you are one of those homeowners or investor looking to earn from your investment, the absence of mortgage enables you to liquidate your asset at any market condition.

Option 2

Deferred Payment

This financing method allows you to finance your mortgage by dedicating a portion of your salary to the plan.

Option 3

In-house financing

This is a local arrangement between the developer and the home buyer. You are just required to produce documents that support your identification and the terms of payment are agreed by the involved parties. Normally this involves paying a down-payment of some amount in the initial stages.

Option 4

Bank financing

Just like the in-house financing, the home buyer is required to pay some percentage of the total cost as a down-payment while the remaining agreed percentage is loanable to your bank.

Home Development Mutual Fund Financing

Philippines have seen an increase in the number of the middle class which has triggered an upsurge in the number of people seeking to own a home.  In a bid to provide the working Filipinos with an affordable option to afford a home, the government came up with this program.

The developer of the St. Joseph Windfield allows even minimum-wage workers to use the Pag-IBIG fund to actualize their dream homes without pinning their expectations on winning lotto.

The urbanization rate in the Philippines stood at 45.3% in the year 2010 and is expected to reach 56% by the year 2050. This increasing population pressure is expected to bring about rapid urbanization.

St. Joseph Windfield is a project that has brought about practical resolutions to pursue inclusive growth in a luxurious environment. The project is affixed on the belief that the low income and middle-income earners play a vital role in the country’s development and deserve to be rewarded with the best. It offers a sense of permanence, luxury, ease and comfort to the home owners.

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